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Insurance and tort


Insurance and tort

Insurances are a part of the companies’ risk management. Besides property and liability insurance policies, there exists a large number of other insurances for companies. Where necessary, we survey the insurance needs for companies and give advice in bidding competition of insurances, comparison of offers and interpretation of insurance terms.

Knowledge of tort law is a precondition for preparing suitable and working agreements. A good management of tort matters also often requires for the knowledge of insurance law and functioning relations with insurance companies. It can also be a question of matters belonging within the scope of consumer protection law or an employer’s liability for a damage caused by an employee. In order to be able to supervise a company’s benefit, a person handling the matter shall master the tort regulations – whether the company is claiming for compensation or rejecting a claim.

The lawyers of Aura Attorneys at Law have a long-term experience in the handling of all kinds of matters belonging to the range of tort law.

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