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Labour law


Labour law

Preparing employment contracts and questions of the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee may be complicated to clarify by the management of the company alone. Risks appearing afterwards can be avoided by preparing employment contracts properly. This requires for the knowledge of labour law and also how collective labour agreements are interpreted. Preparing and interpreting employment contracts also often requires for the knowledge of non-competition and confidentiality provisions and their inclusions in the contract.

We also assist in so-called service contracts and handle matters relating to employments or civil service relationships in public sector.

However, sometimes an employment ends. In order to it to take place in a controlled manner, we assist in co-determination negotiations and prepare for the required documents in situations of change. Our expertise in various business fields often facilitates the collaboration in these issues. However, if the termination of an employment causes disagreement, we provide assistance in the negotiations relating to it and also handle employment litigation.

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