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Services to companies


Efficiency to corporate law

Juridical questions in business life require for a competent and experienced partner. The lawyers of Aura Attorneys at Law have a long experience in handling legal matters of companies in various fields and in all phases of operations. We also handle assignments for municipalities and other public entities.

Our service manner is straightforward

Understanding a client’s business and knowledge of special features in law are the premises of our activities. In accordance with our principles, our client’s matter is generally handled by one lawyer but if the situation requires it, our client will have in use a team of several lawyers. Co-operation with us is straightforward and efficient.

We help companies to foresee possible legal needs in their operations. By collaboration and methodical action it is possible to avoid possible problematic situations. In dispute situations, we help our clients to find a solution by negotiation or, if necessary, in court or through arbitration.

Our benefits to a client:

  • Proficiency: We understand clients’ business
  • Efficiency: One lawyer handles the assignment
  • Security: We foresee and plan ahead

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    Our services to companies

    Contract and corporate law
    Insurance and tort
    Labour law
    Dispute resolution
    Business acquisitions, business arrangements
    Zoning and real estate matters
    Tax matters
    Insolvency law
    Public procurements
    Competition law and intellectual property rights
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