Contract and corporate law

Contract and corporate law

Agreements belong to the everyday life of business but they require expertise from their makers. Problems and conflicts can be avoided by correctly prepared agreements. The management of agreements requires for the understanding of a client’s business, solid knowledge of contract law and experience in interpretation practices as well as various contract types.

Companies’ business often involves special legislation, the knowledge of which is a precondition for the drafting of functional agreements. International trade calls for functioning contacts with foreign law firms who know the local rules and procedures.

Assistance in questions related to corporate law

The knowledge of corporate law is required, for example, in questions relating to the relations between a company and its shareholders, in matters belonging to the powers of the CEO and the board of directors and in preparing for and leading shareholders’ and other meetings. Profound understanding of corporate law is also important when preparing articles of association, shareholders’ agreements and other agreements. Such documents shall be customized according to the situation. Aura Attorneys at Law has an extensive legal expertise and understanding of a client’s requirements and a company’s comprehensive picture.

Lawyers in Aura Attorneys at Law have versatile experience, among others, in:

  • contract law
  • international trade
  • interpretation practices
  • various contract types