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Business acquisitions, business arrangements


Business acquisitions, business arrangements

The growth of a company, financing requirements, aging of owners and many other matters may result in that a new ownership basis is needed for the company. Such changes can be implemented in many different ways and the tax effects of different implementation manners may deviate significantly.

In business acquisitions, a buyer shall make sure that no surprises take place after the transaction, in other words that the buyer truly obtains what it thought it was buying. This is ensured, among others, by a preliminary inspection of the purchase target (Due Diligence review), correctly drafted agreements and, if necessary, by payment and security arrangements.

Generational transfers in family companies involve a lot of specific regulations, the knowledge of which is essential in order to reach a financially successful arrangement.

Fields of law relating to the business arrangements

  • tax law
  • contract law
  • corporate law
  • real estate law
  • competition law
  • labour law

Mistakes in business arrangements may become very expensive, even ruin the entire arrangement. Therefore, it is important in business arrangements to have an expert providing assistance from the very beginning. Aura Attorneys at Law is a reliable and experienced partner in taking care of the legal matters of a company’s business arrangements. This way the management of the company may concentrate on their own tasks.

Business arrangements are not limited to changes in ownership. It is often profitable, for example for risk and tax reasons, to reorganize the business. Such situations are, for example, changes in company form, mergers and demergers and partial sale of the business.

Aura Attorneys at Law provides services in business arrangements:

  • We act as advisers for both buyers and sellers in business arrangements.
  • We handle generational transfers.
  • We assist in reorganizations of operations.
  • We give advice in financing and security arrangements.
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